Rod Williams speaks about how Peaceful Mountain came to be.

Welcome home to Peaceful Mountain Retreat, a unique sanctuary that has been manifested from a vision to bring people together in a place of peace and harmony — an environment where the healer can heal; the curious can explore; and the creative can meet.
It all began with a 3:00 AM vision of an eight-sided structure with an open atrium in the middle — my inner SELF commanding me to get up and draw the building in that moment. I had that vision in February of 1998.
In August of 1999, I was guided to the property at 9900 Silver Lake Road, and by October of 2000 the first stage of Peaceful Mountain Retreat was completed.
During this entire project there was one continual mantra – the essence of this place being anchored in ‘home’ – that all who come here can know they are safe and at home. That is what this land offers – that is what this sacred building offers to those that visit here – and this is what I as the steward of this heart center uphold.
Come and reconnect with that part of yourself that has been abandoned and suppressed by the noise and clamour of the world of illusion. If you build it, they will come. Begin your journey of self awareness, through the opening of your heart, the expansion of your mind, and by connecting with ALL THAT IS.
I welcome you home to Peaceful Mountain Retreat Center.
Rod Williams